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YES ! I have changed the weekly name, also, I can – its my blog, there are no rules here! Also, I should maybe try and do this more often (its definitely a monthly thing at the moment!)

But you must have this! Oh my this is an amazing TOOL that you have to try, and again, its FREE!

Ladies and gentlemen, children and pugs, may I present to you ….

(KAREN ! Where is the drum roll!!!)


The super fast color schemes generator!


Coolors color scheme generator

This is like, standing in Builders Warehouse at the DULUX color swatch paint stand! BUT its even better, you can find one color that you like, and match it to other colors. It gives you all the color breakdowns as well, CMYK, RGB, WEB, what more do you want out of life?

Normally, what I do, if I have an idea, (website, logo, sketch you know artsy stuff) I go here with my theme in mind, and use it to get the other colors. It also allows you to export the color palette you have chosen to PDF, PNG, JPEG etc.

Final result, a document you can save for future reference. You need to check it out just because its so pretty !

Here is your final palette ready to go!