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I have always enjoyed experimenting with home made hot toddies, med lemon kinda vibe hot drinks. And also include any kind of booze I can put in it, apparently it gives you a kick (in the face?)

Recently I found a juice bar that sells a hot beverage called Egyptian tea. Let me tell you, my mouth was foaming on the sides from this, cinnamon, orange, mint, ginger concoction- I had to try and replicate the taste. And finally after finding the right products, I got it right, because boiling ginger didn’t work!! Unfortunately the ginger has to come out of a packet to make this amazeballs!

Here are the ingredients:

  • 5 Roses Chai spice tea bags
  • EVE instant honeyed gingered drink (with or without lemon)
  • Fresh orange juice
  • Honey

I have found EVE’s ginger drink at Dis-Chem and Spar. They have two flavors, honey ginger and honey ginger with lemon. I have tried both and they are equally good.

Its pretty simple, make tea, add ginger sachet (I use half a sachet because the ginger is potent), add honey (1 teaspoon depending on taste) add about 1/3 cup OJ (like the same amount if you were adding milk to coffee) and TADAA.

A sprig of fresh mint and a slice of orange to top it off, you can pretend its a mojito – and a shot of whiskey if you feeling adventurous!

Enjoy !