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I guess some of us don’t ever use our laptops for anything other than work, and our little hand held cellphones are the door and window to the universe. Recently a friend asked me “Can I do this from my phone? I don’t have a private laptop?”

Trying really hard not to let my face say “I don’t have a clue” I stuttered “Um, erw aah I don’t see why not? Let me get back to you on that!”

Well… guess what! I’m writing this article from my phone! Coolsies! Yes you can do it! You just need to install the WordPress app, login to your WordPress site and VOILA! Here we are !!

Happy days!

UPDATE ! This post didn’t want to upload from my phone, I kept trying and eventually it did ! HA HA ! There are pro’s and con’s to this which I will talk about in another post. But in the end you can do it from your phone!